About Us



PC DESIGN is specialized in perfume conditioning. Founded in 1995 in 71 Avenue des Champs Elysées, in Paris (France).
Our Official Icon Brand CUBA was the starting point of a successful and prosperous path.

We create perfumes with taste, style and luxury using a high quality materials and well-chosen fragrances.
Our products are strongly present all over the world since many years offering different ranges of perfumes to satisfy all tastes.
Our goal is to deliver high quality products to the market with a very competitive price.

PC DESIGN.. A perfume for EVERYONE.


In a surface of 17 000 square feet, our factory has the capacity to produce over 150 000 products a day, beside assembly we have different workshops for injection (PP, PET, PS CHRYSTAL …)
Lacquering, Silk screen.. The production process goes under a strict quality control from filling, labelling, wrapping... to provide high products quality. All our perfumes are manufactured in accordance with the European regulations and complied with regulation 1223/2009/EC requirements


In our warehouses, we store our products and the components with care, using high levels of racks (up to 12 levels) to prevent our products from any damages.
We have the capacity to store over 8 000 Pallets and always fulfil our clients’ needs.


After receiving our well-chosen perfume oils, we stock them in a hygiene place with controlled temperature to get it ready for coloring, filtering, mixing...
We work on cooling and we run different tests to provide a best quality fragrance for our clients that lasts for long with eye-catching colors.


Our company is pleased to offer to our clients many services, from handling and following up on the orders, to booking and tracking the containers, dealing with claims, delays by providing all the documents needed to the shipping companies and making a daily contact to be sure the goods will arrive on time.